Realtime Reporting is when your court reporter is using realtime text technology to deliver the spoken words in English to computer or smart phone text screens with only a few-second delay. You may see either mistranslates or untranslates, which are not errors, merely limitations with the computer dictionary. When a written transcript is ordered, the reporter will edit and proofread the transcript before certifying it.

Rough Draft Transcripts can be produced shortly after the proceedings and contain the text captured by your court reporter before it has been scoped and proofed, that means it is not perfect and may contain minor errors in spelling or syntax.

We can provide your transcript as an E-Transcript, ASCii, PDF, PTX, TXT, or MS  Word.

Our Standard “Green” Package includes your transcript delivered in E-Transcript format with an electronic signature, word index, condensed transcript, and exhibits in PDF format.

An electronic signature ensures that your transcript has not been tampered with.

An E-Transcript is your transcript provided electronically, which will allow you to view, print, and do word searches of your transcripts, ensuring page and line integrity and the security of a tamper-proof electronic signature. E-Transcripts are also compatible with Westlaw Case Notebook and other popular litigation software.

This is a process where we combine your transcript with your video deposition which allows you to find, create, edit, and export video clips for your trial presentation with just a few clicks of a mouse. You also have the ability to include links to your deposition exhibits.

Bridge is a free realtime viewing software from Advantage Software which allows you to view the deposition/proceeding in real time on tablets or smart phones with a password provided by your reporter at the time of the proceedings.